Nathan Brittain Design


As a lighting designer and programmer at the beginning of my career I look forward to expanding upon my current skill set and design concept. Thus far in my experience I have found that by keeping true to three major concepts I am able to create a successful design; knowledge of equipment, understanding of color theory and an appreciation for other disciplines.

An important part of my design process is gaining an understanding of the equipment I will be using. I have found that by researching the capabilities of the board and fixtures I will be using I am better able to use them to their highest potential. It is also through this process that I become more familiar with the equipment. This familiarity allows me to decide when, where and how to use each instrument. With each production I am a part of I broaden and deepen my equipment vocabulary.

I have also found color theory to be a crucial part of my design process. I bear in mind color theory throughout my entire process and find that if it is kept in mind from an early part of the design process it becomes a much more fluid part of the design. I have an intuitive grasp on color theory and have found that through my experience I am better able to elaborate on the color needs of each project I am involved in.

No matter what type of production I am working on I keep in mind the importance of lighting not only the actors or musicians but also the scenery. I have gained an appreciation for scenery and other on stage elements through my experience. Lighting scenery, props, costumes or architectural elements properly can add a significant layer to the overall design.

I plan to use my current understanding of design and my passion for automated lighting to help me in my goal to become a lighting designer or programmer. I strive to continue to learn about more equipment and new technology. I hope to become fluent in various automated lighting boards. I believe my natural curiosity, willingness to learn and highly motivated work ethic will play a major role in the success of my career.


Concept Statement

Three Days of Rain

“...along with Nathan Brittain’s elegant lighting...”